Staff of Mithral Might

A silver staff with mithral spheres at each end.


Aura Strong transmutation
CL 12th
Slot —
Price 46,500 gp

This staff is made of silver, with a shimmering sphere of mithral at either end. One end features a golden snake wrapped around the staff and cradling the larger of these two mithral spheres. It allows the use of the following spells:
• bull’s strength (1 charge)
• enlarge person (1 charge)
• telekinesis (3 charges)
• flesh to stone (4 charges)

The staff may be used as a weapon, functioning as a +2 quarterstaff. It also grants a +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence as long as it is possessed. These two attributes continue to function after all the charges are expended.


Staff of Mithral Might

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