Sebastian Flintknapper


Sebastian is a smallish gnome with red spikey hair and thick beard that extends down to his chest. He has blue piercing eyes and has a glowing rune of an odd jagged symbol on his forhead. He wears simple explorers clothes and seems to be unarmed. You notice next to him what your tought first was your average warrior dressed in studded leather and carrying a shield and morning star, but the look is all wrong. It is actually not human, but looks to be some small golem or giant. The same symbol appears on its forhead as well.

Sebastian was born on the outskirts of Magnimar to merchant parents. His father bought anything he thought would sell for a profit elsewhere. This kept him away from home for long periods of time. His mother, aside from managing the house, was a glazer; making pots and ceramics that his father would sell as well. Sebastian was an only child but had a best friend named Thaddius. They were inseprable at a young age, constantly getting into trouble or galavanting about.

When Sebatian as ten, tragedy struck. His friend moved away to Sandpoint with his parents. This left Sebatian very lonely, as there were very few gnomes that lived in the area, and none with kids his age. He spent much of his time out in the woods near his house, playing with the animals, eventually he was even able to talk to them. But his loneliness persisted. One day when particularly lonely he wished for a dog to play with. Something seemed to happen within him and a dog appeared to him. He was ashtonished but quickly dismissed it since the dog was very friendly and they had a lot of fun together. After some time the dog would go away, but if Sebastian concentrated hard enough it would always return.

This went on for some time and he was able to call other animals to himself. This eventually caught the eye of a local herb woman, who also knew much of magic. She told him that this calling wasn’t just good luck, but actually magic, a magic in himself. She showed him many things but he really couldn’t do much else other then summon things. She abandoned teaching him other things and concentrated on just summoning. She was impressed how easily it came to Sebastian and believed he was something called a ‘summoner’.

Sebastian learned many things and his powers with summoning grew. They reached a new level was he as able to complete the ritual and a spirit was bonded with him, his eidolon, Xylon. Sebastian received a guardian and constant companion from him, while Xylon gained access to this world and the ability to grow stronger. They made a great team.

Once he was old enough and had enough skill with his magics, Sebatian and Xylon left to go out into the world and experience new things. The old woman who taught him had died very recently from the bleaching. This scared Sebastian to his core and he vowed to never subcume to it. He would live his life to the fullest, always looking for that next town, that next adventure, that next great meal. He would go as the wind took him, following the teachings of the old woman and her god, Desna. And since he is very small, the wind has taken him north and east toward Sandpoint, where his old friend now lives.

Sebastian Flintknapper

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