Braedan Reldor


Braedan is a tall and stout Human male, standing over six feet in height. He has long brown hair and piercing blue eyes and a generally stern demeanor. When girded for battle, he wears a suit of glimmering enchanted full plate armor and carries a large shield, both emblazoned with the holy symbol of Iomedae, his patron goddess. On his belt is a Longsword forged of Adamantine and enchanted with holy energies, a powerful weapon to aid in his duties as a Paladin.


Ever since a young age, Braedan has been a ward of the temple of Iomedae in Magnimar. Abandoned as a child by his parents, he grew up under the care of the clergy of Iomedae, learning the ways of their deity. He did not show great aptitude for study, but took quickly to the martial training of the Paladin order. Upon coming of age, he officially joined the order and was given his armor and shield, as well as his longsword, crafted to resemble the one borne by his goddess.

Though Sandpoint does not have a temple to Iomedae, Braedan’s superiors thought it best to send someone to observe the festival once they learned of it, and thus it was that he came to travel there. Their foresight was well warranted as it turned out, with Braedan playing a part in the defense of the town after the Goblin raid and the investigation of the causes behind it. He seems to be a natural leader and is forthright and stern, having vowed to protect Sandpoint from whatever evil may threaten it.

Braedan Reldor

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