House Rules

The following material superceeds the normal rules for Pathfinder.
  • The ability to use magic is recovered at a standard rate of one spell level (or psionic power point) per caster level per hour. Psions gain power at an increased rate (described below) as they attain higher levels to meet the demand of their increased power. The restored magic may be used to recover any combination of spell slots as long as the total does not exceed the amount you restored. You may spontaneously drop one or more spells and recover alternates using the same method. Arcane, divine, and psionic power is restored independently but simultaneously.

    Psion’s and Wilder’s recovery rates increase by 0.25 spell level/hr at starting at 7th level and every 3 levels after (1.25/hr at 7th, 1.5/hr at 10th, 1.75/hr at 13th, 2.0/hr at 16th, and 2.25/hr at 19th).

    Daily abilities, including domain spells, are not subject to increased recovery and you must still take an extended rest (>8 hours) to recover them.

    For example, if a Wizard 1/Cleric 2/Psion 1 were to rest for 2 hours he would gain two (2) arcane spell levels, four (4) divine spell levels, and two (2) psionic power points. He could then use the restored magic to recover a level 2 wizard spell, four level 1 cleric spells, and two power points (or any other combination that he needed).
  • Classes that are allowed to swap out an ability or spell of their current level for an older one at specific intervals may reserve the swap up to the point that they would receive another opportunity to swap again. The delayed swap is still based on your level when you received the opportunity, not your current level. If a swap is not made before the next opportunity arises, then it is lost. Learning the new spell or ability in this way requires a full extended rest.
  • Restless (Drawback)
    You have trouble remaining calm while preparing spells. You habitually interrupt your own rest.
    Prerequisite: This drawback is only available to spellcasting classes.
    Detriment: It takes you one (1) hour to relax to a state where you can start meditating on your spells during a short rest. It takes two (2) additional hours of extended rest to recover your daily abilities.
  • Intolerance (Drawback)
    You have a particular hatred for a certain class, race, or culture.
    Detriment: You must make a Will check with a -4 penalty to control your malicious rage when encountering a particular group. Even if you pass the Will check, you still take a -4 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with the same group. The GM should limit this feat to frequently encountered groups within his campaign (for example, if you take Intolerance against Psions, but your campaign rarely includes them, the GM can prohibit this. You may still hate Psions, but it’s not worth selecting as a drawback).
    Special: You may take this drawback multiple times. You choose a new group each time.

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House Rules

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