Nature is his Ally


Zirul is a somewhat tall Half Elf, he has hair that reaches to the middle of his back. It is Light brown and green. He has two pets; Fenrir the Wolf, A large wolf with stark black fur, save a white patch shaped as Zirul’s Family Crest. He has long fangs and fast legs, And Fenix The Roc, This Large bird is actually small for her breed. She has feather the color of the night sky. Save a patch of white on her chest shaped as Zirul’s Family Crest.


Zirul is a fairly young Half Elf, and already a strong Ranger and Druid. He travels with his pet Wolf, Fenrir, and his pet Roc, Fenix. He can often be seen practicing his archery while flying on Fenix, or even while riding Fenrir. He grew up in the woods after his home was burnt to the ground by a band of thieves. A druid/ranger took him in and trained him. During this time he met a fellow Ranger, Shalelu Andosana. He grew fast and learned to find traps, fire volleys of arrows, and bend the elements to his will. He shows signs of insanity and brutality.


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